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Types Of Toner Cartridges

Buying house appliances can be tough but, it’s not as tough as buying ink cartridges for printers. The reason behind this is that, not only they are expensive but, there is also a huge variety of manufacturers available to choose from. It requires a lot of know-how to purchase the suitable cartridge for your printer. Let’s take a look at the types of cartridges available and which one of them are best for usage.  


Toner and Ink – what’s the difference?
The major thing when it comes to print cartridges is that, knowing the difference between ink and toner cartridges. Take a look below to understand their differences. 

Ink Cartridges:
For inkjet printers, ink cartridges are purposely used for black and white or colored printing. Ink jet printers contain a number of strong ink jets that spray the liquid where it is required on the page. This ink comes with a mix of dyes and pigments, which produces high quality printing.  

Toner Cartridges:
Toner is considered to be a dry powder that contains tiny plastic particles. Hp toner cartridges in Australia are always used in laser printing. The powder needs to be electrically charged, heated up and implemented on the paper through a rotating drum that is fixed inside the machine. This entire process is considered to be very fast and reliable. Laser printer are mostly used in large businesses.  

Okay – Which one should I opt for?
Your choice will depend upon a number of factors which are discussed below: 

Speed and Performance
If speed is your priority, then you will have to decide between inkjet and laser printers because, both of them provide Excellency and efficient printing. The speed performance mostly depends on how much you are willing to pay for it. However, inkjet printers used to be slower than laser printers, but new manufacturing from Epson, Brother and HP provide fast printing and fulfil the demands of the customer properly.  

In the long run, ink cartridges are considered to be cheaper than laser. Despite the cost, it is said that laser cartridges produce greater output, and are capable of printing more pages with a single cartridge as compared to inkjets. So, it all depends upon your usage. However, if you print occasionally, then an inkjet printer will be best for you. But, if you print several times a day, then a laser could provide you better performance. 

Image and Text Quality
Laser printers can offer best quality for all aspects. However, they are not able to compete with inkjet in terms of output and image printing. Inkjet printers produce higher quality because, they use liquid ink, and they are much better at producing any kind of output as compared to lasers. Even in color printing, inkjet printers are on top of the list. But, it all comes down to your usage. If you often print black and white, then go for lasers but, if you are printing something new every day, then you best go for inkjet printers.